Algorithm/AI Coding Contest




A big thank you to those who participated and supported the CODE TO JAPAN Challenge!

More than 4000 people registered and was brave enough to take on the challenge. We have had amazing response and are quite overwhelmed with the enthusiasm people have shown.

We are happy to announce the winners for both the 【CODE TO JAPAN Algorithms Challenge】and the 【CODE TO JAPAN AI Challenge】

Winners were decided according to the following categories:
1. Overall Score
2. Time
3. Ingenuity of the solution

Congratulations to the winners, and happy coding to everyone!

Take the challenge and know how you fare against the best.

ASIA to JAPAN, known for helping international talents find their dream jobs in major Japanese companies, is launching a coding contest: CODE TO JAPAN to allow applicants to show off their skills and at the same time, help connect them to the right companies of their future careers.

The top scorers will also get to enjoy up to 100,000 JPY* for their outstanding efforts.

*maximum prize money for someone who scores the highest for both challenges
*~1000 USD

Algorithms Challenge Winners

Ankit P

Sayan B

Nikhil S

*Winners will be contacted separately via email.


(2020/12/31 15:00 JST)

1Ankit PIndiaDelhi Technological University100
2Sayan BIndiaJalpaiguri Government Engineering College100
3Nikhil SIndiaDelhi Technological University100
4Aman SIndiaBITS Pilani Hyderabad100
5vivek kIndiaNational Institute of Technology Raipur100
6Shalesh Nath SIndiaUniversity of Chicago100
7Vikram Kirti LIndiaIndian Institute of Technology Dhanbad100
8Russian RouleteIndiaIndian Institute of Technology Delhi100
9Pulkit CIndiaDelhi Technological University100
10Bhavya TIndiaIndian Institute of Technology Indore100
11Md Kamal SIndonesiaInstitut Teknologi Bandung100
12Yash MIndiaIndian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi100
13Dhruv KIndiaIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee100
14M Achir Suci RIndonesiaUniversitas Indonesia100
15Nishchay MIndiaIndian Institute of Technology, Guwahati100
16Dao H NViet NamHa Noi University of Science and Technology100
17Prasanna KIndiaChandigarh University100
18Nikhil CIndiaIndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee100
19Raghav JIndiaChandigarh University100
20Amit KIndiaNational Institute Of Technology Raipur100
21Rajdeep DIndiaJalpaiguri Government Engineering College100
22Jeremy WTaiwanNational Tsinghua University100
23Cheng-Han LTaiwanNational Taiwan University100
24Jatin KIndiaChandigarh University100
25Jingting LChinaCity University of Hong Kong100
26Abdul Basit AIndiaDelhi Technological University100
27Harirai MIndiaIndian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi100
28Kunal VIndiaBITS Pilani100
29Poorva MIndiaMaulana Azad National Institute Of Technology, Bhopal100
30Reynaldo Wijaya HIndonesiaUniversitas Indonesia100
31Gunagya Singh MIndiaDelhi Technological University100
32Cong LChinaTsinghua University100

AI Challenge Winners

Jingting L

Md W Hendry

Balog S

*Winners will be contacted separately via email.


(2020/12/31 15:00 JST)

1Jingting LChinaCity University of Hong Kong90
2Md W HendryIndonesiaBandung Institute of Technology90
3Balog SRomaniaUniversitatea Babes-Bolyai90
4Hsuan-Kung YTaiwanNational Tsing Hua University90
5Bhanu MIndiaCluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi90
6Franz L CPhilippinesAteneo de Manila University90
7Vankineni O S VIndiaIIT Madras90
8Fülöp MRomaniaBabes-Bolyai University90
9Md Kamal SIndonesiaInstitut Teknologi Bandung90
10Morgen SIndonesiaInstitut Teknologi Bandung90
11Reynaldo W HIndonesiaUniversitas Indonesia90
12IshanIndiaBits Pilani Hyd Campus90
13Napat TThailandThe University of Tokyo90
14I-Ping CTaiwanNational Taiwan University90
15Varisht GIndiaUniversity of Mumbai90

Choose your

You can choose to do either challenge, or both. It’s entirely up to you.

*You only need to register once even if you do both challenges.



Number of Questions


Challenge Duration

270 minutes


27th December 2020
23:59 JST



Number of Questions


Challenge Duration

480 minutes


27th December 2020
23:59 JST

Who can join?

・ANYONE looking to find work in Japan, especially graduating university students.

Until when can I do the challenges?

・This contest begins on 20th November 2020 (Friday) 9:00 JST and will run until 20th December 2020 (Sunday) 23:59 JST.

Do I need to pay for this?

・Doing the challenge is free, and there are zero hidden costs. Just sign up to receive the link for the test/s.

Can this help me find work in Japan?

・ASIA to JAPAN is well-connected with the top Japanese companies applicants may want to work in. High-performing applicants who would like to have a career in Japan will be invited to join the January round of the Study Go Work JAPAN career fair to help them get interviews with the right companies.

I already signed up for Study Go Work JAPAN, do I still have to register?

・Yes. This is a special event, and would need everyone to register in order to receive the link for the tests.

What other perks are there?

・Aside from the monetary perks, certificate of completion of the challenge (December 31st, 2020), and job hunting perks, successful candidates may choose to enroll in free Japanese language lessons sponsored by the company. 

I’m not one of the top scorers, can I still get a job?

・We’ll do our best in helping people find jobs in Japan. Find out more by visiting here.

Test Elements

The coding tests will be used to assess one’s aptitude in being a programmer and/or being an AI engineer

Programming basics
Problem solving skills
Specialized knowledge

ASIA to JAPAN Clients

study go work japan companies

…and more!



Have you chosen your CODE to JAPAN challenge?

CODE TO JAPAN offers two different challenges: a more general coding challenge “Algorithms” and a more specialized “AI” challenge. 

You can choose to take either one, or both.

Have you finished registering?

We need to get some basic information from you in order to contact you. You will have to register in order to receive the test link/s.

If you haven’t done so yet, please register here.

Before you take the test…

Be sure to follow the test platforms’ internet environment check before proceeding with the test in order to ensure a smooth testing experience.

If you encounter any problems, contact us at

Have you shared the test with friends?

Having someone you know take the same test as you is always reassuring. So feel free to share CODE TO JAPAN with your friends. But please make sure that they register first before taking the test.
You never know… you might be able to come to Japan together.


We are awarding those with the highest scores per category the following amount (equivalent to their home currency)

First Place

50,000 JPY

(~500 USD)

Second Place

30,000 JPY

(~300 USD)

Third Place

10,000 JPY

(~100 USD)

Registration Closed